a lot of the crypto marketing is so obviously geared toward insecure men. like "what are you scared? buy crypto, wuss." And it probably works really well. You won't go broke betting on men being insecure

every crypto sales pitch sounds like it was written by Nelson Muntz

"these are stablecoins. They're called that cuz they're wicked stable"

@InternetEh this one is a normalcoin. you'll get twice your money in the next year

@CobaltVelvet if you need to talk someone into something really ill-advised, insult their masculinity

@InternetEh istg if people every try to market crypto at me I’m slapping their tits with a wet electric eel

I don’t want to go “to the MOON! 🚀🚀🚀”


may I steal and attempt to spread that phrase pretty please? it is fantastic


no no no

that nobody ever lost betting on some men being insecure

the world should laser that into the effing moon to straighten out childmen, is my first impulse. probably a bad plan


excellent, excellent. and I'm not building a laser. :)

@sydneyfalk the orbital masculinity laser-based alert system


alert? oh, right. definitely alertness related, yup.

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