@InternetEh it's a good picture, though for some reason I keep assuming the books on his desk are manga (I don't know why!!)

@InternetEh @lapis so I was trying to find out what the books were and somehow this post is even better when you realize he just reused another photo from his desk.

@Timmy @lapis I love this. It really does look like he's reading about his award on that paper

@lapis @InternetEh

lol it's a form factor thing. I thought the same thing the first time i saw it

@baronnarcveldt @lapis I mean, writers read a lot. Maybe he's a big manga head

@lapis @InternetEh @baronnarcveldt well this is now a podcast or video or something i didn't know i needed

junji ito and r.l. stein and perhaps also stephen king talking about not horror, not writing, but the most absolutely banal stuff imaginable.

and by that i mean chatting about their pet cats. i don't even know if r.l. stein and stephen king have pets, but junji ito will carry the conversation there alone

@wigglytuffitout @lapis @baronnarcveldt I want a RL stein book where some kid whose family is moving goes to a new school and he's feeling vulnerable, and then suddenly there's a canyon where people feel mysteriously drawn to the people-shaped holes

@InternetEh @lapis @baronnarcveldt legit though if those three got together and did a like. round robin "pass your novel one to the left and let's go to town" with each other.

hell even if it's just junji ito and r.l. stein

r.l. stein could write a real fuckin humdinger of a goosebumps adaptation, and junji ito could get in there and adapt a goosebumps book in manga form, they'd bring their own special touches to each work and honestly odds are very good it would be Fucking Fantastic

@wigglytuffitout @lapis @baronnarcveldt finally we bring in Guillermo Del Toro to do creature design and have Miyazaki animate it. A beautiful bloated mess

@InternetEh @wigglytuffitout @lapis

I don't know who junji ito is but this sounds like a great time lmao. give them 100 million dollars

@baronnarcveldt @InternetEh @wigglytuffitout Junji ito does a lot of horror manga (and Iirc a manga about his cats) like if you have ever seen that panel (or parody) of some person going into a person-shaped hole saying "this is my hole" that's him

@InternetEh @lapis @baronnarcveldt alternatively, they all sit around talking about their pets, which i am also completely fine with

not even sure that anyone other than junji ito has pets, mind you (beyond the movie trivia that as part of the clusterfuck that was the suicide squad movie, jared leto decided his 'method acting' meant he had to prank other cast members with things like live rats while knowing said actress's phobia about rats; margot robbie was a complete class act, kept it together, and treated the rattie well before adopting him out to guillermo del toro. though this was in 2016 so rattie is very likely dead of old age, but he had a great life despite jared leto being a shitbag and that's great https://ew.com/article/2016/03/02/margot-robbie-guillermo-del-toro-rat/ )

@InternetEh i am hoping and praying that this is the setup for a joke next month where he posts that he's very sad he has lost his employee of the month status to another employee, but he's a good sport and thinks they really did outperform him this month

then a picture wherein the employee of the month certificate is there showing that the new employee of the month is his cat, his roomba, etc,

@wigglytuffitout just a roomba with like a chopstick and a bunch of keyboards

@InternetEh alternate punchline: the next employee of the month is

stephen king

who holds up his certificate with an absolute shiteating grin while r.l. stein goes WHEN DID YOU GET IN HERE

@wigglytuffitout and then they both team up to give Dean Koontz a wedgie

@InternetEh depending on how self-deprecating stephen king is feeling, i will also enjoy a joke of him saying "why am i here? well you left out a plate of powdered white stuff, what did you expect! sure, i did figure out that it was sugar and not cocaine, but by that point i'd already written half a novel so why stop,"

@wigglytuffitout "I woke up and there were three completed manuscripts and a trash can full of empty bottles and baggies"

@InternetEh it's the leadup to a staged picture of stephen king hiding in a trash can, doing his best possum impression, while r.l. stein wields a broom

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