incredible how Americans keep seeing movies, music and shows from South Korea that are sharp and unsubtle critiques of capitalism and saying "wow this is like North Korea" and "I wonder what they're so mad about over there"

"essentially we all live in the same country, called capitalism." -- Bong Joon Ho, saying the loud part louder


it would be a really interesting article to get into Korea's actual history. What US imperialism has done there. How the echoes of it extend into today. But instead we get this pablum

@InternetEh my stomach lurched. Confucianism! Yeah buddy

@zenhob some college level Asian Philosophy was brought to bear here.

@InternetEh @zenhob [Len Boobar Voice] "why does the Oriental not pay proper reverence to Confucius? Confucius died for their leaders sins, to show them the way to a harmonious society that suffered no unrest."

@InternetEh it's stunning what sabotage the media continually pulls against reality/truth.

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