Good job interview questions:

Why should I work for you?
Why is this position open?
What do you like about working here?
Can you support yourself on what you're paid?
Why aren't you promoting from within?
How many people have had this job in the past 5 years?
What would you change about your job?

@InternetEh what is your least favorite thing about this job?

@scout a fun twist on "what is your biggest weakness" wow i'm a bit proud of myself for asking most of these! i'll for sure be asking about how they'd change things, and i really like the way you worded "can you support yourself on this pay". very good ideas and i'm all too happy to add them to my usual questions, ty

@InternetEh all valid questions that will immediately disqualify you, and quite possibly get your name put onto a list.

@PetrichorSquirrel by people you wouldn't want to work for anyway, so win win

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