how to make tea the British way
First, addict a country to opium


there's a local company here that has these stickers that say "make tea, not war" and I'm begging them to do a few quick Wikipedia reads

say what you will about coffee making you jittery, at least nobody every went to war over coffee (that I know of)

@InternetEh Brazil had slaves for like hundreds of years over coffee. Like "abolished" slavery in 1888

@InternetEh coffee has always been really really colonialist tbh

@scout yeah, lots of exploitation. Just not a war I can point to. Plenty of violence though.

@scout @InternetEh the United Fruit Company also forced countless Guatemalans into debt slavery to export coffee to the US. Coffee was the big cash crop in Guatemala and no small part of why the US propped up the right-wing dictatorships of Ubico and Castillo Armas

@GreenandBlack @scout coffee and nanners, yup.

"why are bananas cheap" is one of those little domino questions

@InternetEh i can't think of any wars either but i do wonder if it's just a matter of how well-positioned the natives were to fight back against the colonial powers in question...

@InternetEh Narrator: They had.

(Honestly, just betting that the US has?)

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