as bad as you think Facebook is, it's worse. It's like coal power that way. Almost impossible to overstate the negative impact its use has on people. (I'm not putting the blame on end users here, so don't read it that way)

According to leaked docs, Facebook knew from its own internal research that stuff like Instagram caused severe emotional and mental problems for a lot of young people, and they continued to push forward with "Instagram for Kids"


Facebook's leaks revealed it views 11 and 12 year olds as an untapped market. Even knowing it was harming them. Analogies to Big Tobacco are not out of line here.

Maybe the most revolting part to me is how they use family ties to push their destructive product, encouraging promoting play-date scheduling as a way to encourage getting kids locked into Facebook.

Facebook's argument in all this is hey, the kids are gonna use it anyway. We may as well have Instagram Kids so we can give them a safer online environment that's separate from adult Instagram.

Sounds a big like enabler logic to me, I dunno.

I don't see politicians regulating this really. Republicans only care about suing their haters and asking Jack Dorsey why they're shadowbanned. And Dems love tech companies. They can do no wrong if you ask Democrats.

@InternetEh I can't believe mr. suckaburg is willing to ignore his impact on society for profits. He must be out of touch with the effects he's having.

@Azuras if it weren't him, it would be someone else. It's the profit motive, not individual actors or companies

@InternetEh the big question is how can it be solved or are we bound as future parents to steer the new generation as best as we can. I don't like china's censorship but them limiting video game time to 3 hours a week might actually be a good thing for their society. But that level of government control is something we probably don't want

@Azuras I'm of the opinion a lot fewer people would be dead from Covid if social media had been scrubbed of conspiracy theories. Instead we did nothing and now the US has more Covid dead than anywhere else. The land of free speech isn't looking so hot.

@InternetEh I agree, freedom of speech is not so good for dealing with pandemics 😅

@Azuras or fascism, or climate change, or lots of things, turns out

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