Halberd advantages:
keep enemy at a distance
You look super cool when standing guard
Effective when used alongside your bros, who also have halberds
Axe and a spear in one
Roast food over an open fire easily

Halberd disadvantages:
none I know of

Not accepting any halberd disadvantages right now, but I will take some more advantages if you have some. Thank you very much.

More halberd advantages:
Hook for grappling troops off their horses
Cheap to make, mostly wood
Superior to the glaive, bardiche, voulge and spontoon
Invented independently by several cultures bc it's so cool

Halberd advantages: again, nothing comes to mind

@InternetEh halberd disadvantages:
-difficult to use indoors
-not powerful enough to turn indoors into outdoors

@violet don't need to use indoors. Just stand outside shaking your halberd. They gotta come out sometime

@InternetEh there are techniques to manage it but they're not as effective in closer range

@InternetEh here's an advantage: a halberd is like an axe with way more torque which means more force upon impact

@InternetEh Halberd is like a marshmallow stick and smores maker in the same tool

@InternetEh a halberd has revolutionary potential because it is cheaply made and relatively easy to handle. You have a few working class people make halberds and train with them for a couple of weeks. Then watch them make short work of knights who are ruling class, whose equipment costs more than you'll ever make in your entire life, and who have spent all their lives training

@schratze halberds have killed or wounded kings on multiple occasions

@InternetEh Relatively heavy, which is I guess... sort of a double-edged... polearm...

@InternetEh its also a handy pitchfork alternative if you need to join an angry mob driving Frankenstein out of the village

@Taweret real threatening when you see an approaching crowd that's bristling with halberds

@InternetEh Frankenstein should've thought of that before he started pulling shit

@InternetEh I am a big polearm fan in general, but I have to endorse the Glaive or Naginata here, due to the humble simplicity of "sword on a stick"


Does not fit into overhead rack
TSA gets bitchy about it
Techbros try to tell you Musk invented it

@InternetEh You can hold off many people at a doorway or at the top of the stairs, and if you are in an open ground situation and caught on your own, drop the tip to the ground behind you, hold the butt over your head and run, the haft will protect you from angled shots and won't snag on the trees as you enter the woods.

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