saw someone a repost of some Cubaganda claiming people have to pay 60 cents to use a toilet in Cuba. I don't know whether it's true, but yeah let's talk about access to public toilets in the USA. Because it isn't good! There are a lot of downtowns that are so hostile to the unhoused that free public facilities don't exist

In my area, it's getting to where the only place you can reliably get a restroom that's open to people who didn't buy something are in the kind of places the cops chase homeless people out of.

@InternetEh I have seen *Taco Bell*s that installed locks in their bathrooms to keep homeless people out. You had to ask for a key at the counter.

@lesbianhacker business owners hate homeless people so much that we are making the world less comfortable for everyone

@schratze yeah I've heard about, but never experienced, European pay toilets

@InternetEh @schratze one time i had to run from a bathroom attendant in Prague cuz I didn't know you had to pay and so I thought a random guy just started yelling at me in Czech and chasing me out of the bathroom. I like to think of it as the time I shoplifted an empty bladder

@scout @InternetEh @schratze @platypus Back in the 90s the only free public toilets in Seoul were “traditional” and you better have your own packet of paper and stuff. Learning how to use them was an experience.


I have been known to happily-ish pay $2-3 for them in Europe because I need a goshdarn public toilet!!!

@InternetEh a lot of times it's lower something like 50p, a pound, a Euro, etc. There's an attendant who keeps them clean... it means that you can't linger there but omg I recall finding one in Romania in a Time Of Need and being absolutely delighted.

@InternetEh Public toilets that cost the user are a scourge. It’s one of the things that bugs me the most about Europe. it never occurred to me that this policy might be anti-homeless. Now I’m wondering if it’s that way by design.

(I live in Australia where public toilets are free to use.)

@futzle I think there's a lot of ways to make public restrooms hostile to the unhoused. Charging is one of them, but not the only one. In the US, it's getting more common to have bathrooms locked by codes that are only available to customers

@futzle @InternetEh *usually* free to use. Sydney has definitely experimented with paid public bathrooms. I don't recall if they're still there though.

@InternetEh @platypus Read the first sentence and my first thought was “Have they ever been to Manhattan?”

@InternetEh New York City is especially hostile. If you're in NYC, there's a rule: if you have access to a bathroom, use it. You do not know where your next opportunity will be.

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