"kids don't go outside anymore" challenge

name 3 things kids can do outside that are free and available to everyone without grownups hassling then or thinking they're doing crimes

They monetized everything and surrounded everything else with cops and wondered why kids stay home

@InternetEh "They could like, hang out at the mall like we used to."

The Malls: *closed, closed, mosquito tone generator, closed, mosquito tone generator, closed*

@InternetEh also, "adult supervision" gets enforced more and more. Cars have become a hazard so much more and take up so much more space than they used to when I was a kid (I'm gen-x, I was a kid in the 80s).

My mom (born in the 50s) tells me stories of how she used to spend much of her ample free time with kids from her block, and how the older kids basically supervised/took care of the younger ones.

acab, violence 

@InternetEh was gonna suggest "get shot by cops" as a joke, but you already mentioned that in the 2nd post

@hoppet used to be malls, but those died. And the ones that are left will likely run you off if you're not spending money

@InternetEh malls were already like that by the time i was a teen :P

@InternetEh i think i might have been part of the first generation it was like that for because growing up media was all like "yeah teens are hanging out at malls" and then when i became a teen it was like "wow this sucks"

@InternetEh hmmm what about

*points at skate park in Duisburg that the mayor had covered in gravel because kids where there, you know, outside, despite corona*

oh, maybe not that, hmmm

@meena @InternetEh They build skateparks to be able to say you've got somewhere to go, so they can fully ban skaters and BMXers from the streets (no matter how small and crap the park is), and then do shit like this...

Skateboarders will never be safe there again because you'll never remove all the pebbles...

@MxCraven @meena @InternetEh We still don't get the logic behind banning skateboards on the streets. Like, it seems like a perfectly good way to get around, and it doesn't cause any harm?

@InternetEh @IceWolf @meena Yeah... Because apparently skateboards break curbs, and cars constantly ramming them doesn't :/

@MxCraven @InternetEh @meena I guess it's probably not so much that the skateboards /themselves/ cause troubles, it's "oh skateboards => youth, youth go around vandalizing things, let's ban skateboards so the youth go away and stop vandalizing stuff"?

@IceWolf @InternetEh @meena Generally I've seen it due to the damage that grinding causes to benches and ledges (and that waxing looks bad).

That's why they put the skate stopper edges on (yeah, those pointy edge things aren't always anti homeless, sometimes they're anti skateboard too)

BMXers then get shit for fucking up skateparks too!

@IceWolf @MxCraven @meena I'm kidding, it's harmless. But when there's kids around, anything bad that happens is blamed on them

@InternetEh @IceWolf @meena I'd like to defend waxed curbs and say they actually look quite cool (and I don't have any level of "that means I can ride it" because I can't skate curbs)

@MxCraven @meena @InternetEh we used to bring brooms with us to skate abandoned things, like this factory foundation that was left after they removed the factory. Easy way to clear like water and pebbles.

@InternetEh I was going to say playground, but grownups hassle them there. riding bikes?

@InternetEh true! I live in a downtown inner city area, and I suspect grownups hassle the kids here! :flan_laugh:

@calculsoberic @InternetEh Also depending on where you live not legal after a certain age … 🙄

And riding bikes might also be difficult to do legally and/or dangerous depending on where one lives (luckily not where I live) :/

@calculsoberic @InternetEh Oh, and not to forget, grownups hassling kids on bikes as well of course :/

@InternetEh Well, you can still take a bus to somewhere a bit further. If you live edge of town then there's plenty of freedom. Not that I disagree with the argument. I think it's about the location.

@richard @InternetEh But where are you taking the bus *to*? Also the bus costs money

@ari @richard depending on where you are it might not be allowed for kids to be on the bus. Or safe.

I used to dig underground hideouts in the forest, go spelunking in the creek tunnels, use the public playgrounds/obstacle courses.
Depends on age I guess.
Now I'm older so "be in the forests" is enough.

@owl @InternetEh

I grew up the same way, and now live in Detroit.

If you live in an urban area, forests are not an option. I have to drive two hours to find a real forest.

@mwlucas @InternetEh I live in an urban area but they are within walking distance. But yeah. Depends on your surroundings and local laws of course.

@mwlucas @owl there must be some great urban exploration possibilities in Detroit, but ... Trespassing is a crime

@InternetEh @mwlucas @owl We used to fly kites in the fields behind the last houses of the village, halfway up the hill to the forest. Or we rode our bikes or played at the playground. There was a „tree house“, actually only a few trees on a steep slope with an old car wheel on a steel rope as a swing in there. The „tree house“ was also fun in winter to slide down the snowy uneven ground on old plastic bags.

@viennawriter @mwlucas @owl when I go back to my old neighborhood, all the fields we played ball or hide and seek in are developed now. Now they're neighborhoods

@viennawriter @InternetEh @mwlucas Very sad. 😞
Here nothing seems to have changed in that regard.
But I've lived in Berlin too which was complete heck, and I don't know what kids do there.
Getting to anywhere nicer than a park takes some effort there, and they don't have freedom to roam AFAIK.

@owl @viennawriter @InternetEh @mwlucas the only way i could roam (the outskirts of) Vienna was on a bike

i keep hearing cycling in Berlin is very dangerous

(to be fair, after living for five months in Holland, i realised how dangerous cycling in Vienna was, so…)

@viennawriter @InternetEh @mwlucas @owl I live in a city, which is quite green, and even though we're 1 km from the center, there's a semi-wild forest/”park” a few minutes away from us. I've seen treehouses there.

And of course there's the lake right across the street, fishing in it is legal and I see both kids and adults doing it quite often.

Casual cycling around the streets or trails is always a good choice too. My favorite pastime as a kid.

All these are legal and freely available.

@viennawriter @InternetEh @mwlucas @owl And of course roaming on the graveyard is my favorite too, don't know what kids think about it, and although it may cause frowning in some people, it's completely legal to play there as long as you behave (which, of course, kids can sometimes forget)

@Stoori @viennawriter @mwlucas @owl we have a lot of those things available here, but a lot of them have had to be used by the unhoused who've been run out of everyplace else.

@InternetEh @mwlucas @owl that reminds me of how many pointless fences there are around me here

when i was younger, fences weren't an issue, or they were a challenge

but I'm now like, i wanna get *there*, and to do that, i have to walk 800 m more, or look like a lunatic jumping over 2.20 m fence.

I'm a respectable partent now!
i can't go doing that!

at least not every day, or somebody will make them put spikes on top

@InternetEh @owl

Tresspassing in Detroit is actively dangerous.

The rest of Michigan dumps their severe & persistent mentally ill folks in the city. 99% of them are harmless, if occasionally scary, and if approached either flee or ask for $. The other 1% are... not.

Plus the danger of abandoned & broken structures.

When I trespass or explore, I bring $5 bills to hand out. It'll buy a sandwich.

I would not let a child explore this city unaccompanied.

@mwlucas @owl @InternetEh taking our kids to the park, they'll often ask to walk through the "forest"…a sidewalk-paved trail through a acre or so of woods that haven't (yet) been cut down for development. Need to take them to some actual forest-sans-concrete at some point. :flan_facepalm:

@InternetEh Storytime then! Me and friends age 8-12, steal shit from shops all the time. Free. go to edge of town, break in places. Free place. Needed cash? Put one coin in phonebooth, hit while it drops, wait for people to put cash in, wait for them to leave in disappointment, hit phone hard, lots of free cash. ... Oh wait... Well, go for walks? Are we talking about teenagers?

@InternetEh Well, damn, fuck me. I am thinking hard... Did it really get this bad? You really got to be creative these days.

@richard yeah you do. And you're at the mercy of police, city ordinances, small business tyrants, nosy neighbors and other parents' hangups. Kids gotta run that neoliberal gauntlet right out of the womb

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