"after all why not? Why shouldn't I keep it?" — landlords with security deposits

@InternetEh I lived, I kid you not, in a renovated chciken coop. when I was moving the landlord came and did a walkthrough, said everything looked good and the deposit would be in a phonebook on her porch the next day (weird but ok). I show up tye next day and it's not there. so I call her. she said there was a hole in the wall she didn't notice because ahe was drunk the day before (professional).

it was her son's friend who made the hole. who lived there 2 tenants ago. she hadn't done a walkthrough in 7 years and 3 tenants. I never managed to get that deposit back.

@goo well sometimes you do a drunk walk thru.

I am no stranger to having housing red flags that you ignore and it comes back to bite you. Like the house inspector who, when we arrived at the agreed upon time, insisted he had already completed the inspection. The house didn't have a vapor barrier around it. In the Pacific northwest.

@InternetEh oof! ya, it takes a concerted effort up here to make sure your entire life doesn't turn to mold. pretty sure I was the smelly kid but not from cat pee or anything. I had moldy clothes cos I lived in a literal barn.

@goo now we finally have a dry house with decent filtration and air circulation

@InternetEh i am one of those tenters that leaves the apartment spotless, and i never get my entire deposit back because they always “deep clean” after anyway. but i still do it every time, because if they already skim when it’s clean, how would they punish me if i actually gave them work to do?

@Moss yeah my whole family busted our asses to clean our last rental property. I doubt anyone even looked at it before sending cleaners over and billing us.

@InternetEh @Moss this is my big mood: deep cleaning is a part of the COST OF BEING A LANDLORD. You only have to do it between tenants.

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