this one would start a fight with my neighbor who owns rental properties.

It tears me up inside. I've done years of trading back and forth with my neighbor who works as a nurse. We both garden and love making stuff and animals. Only to find out she's a landlord.

Dammit I go outside to water my plants after writing this and she gives me chicken fresh eggs... They're gonna take my communist card away

@technomancy I guess it has something to do with who made it but I don't know because there was no source named

@InternetEh @technomancy I thought it had something to do with the person who booby trapped their Trump sign by taping razor blades at the bottom

@InternetEh my father is now a landlord and I haven't disowned him

I've had a landlord I thought was amazing

But it's my belief that it's a parasitic and morally awful profession

These things can coexist, it's just about scrutiny and level of commitment to idealogical vs social stuff. Befriending a landlord doesn't cross my line

@heatherhorns she's probably the neighbor I am closest to. We made her extra food for the holidays this year bc we knew she was staying home. but at the same time she's just got a different set of priorities than we do

@InternetEh a good counter to the one i saw recently that says has "obey the law" in it

@agafnd I think one of my neighbors has that one, and a couple of anti-biden signs.

@agafnd yeah he's basically an antifa supersoldier to this guy, never mind the fact he's cost people years of their lives in jail bc they had crack instead of coke

@InternetEh i am once again wishing we lived in the world these dorks think we do

@agafnd it would be nice if things were a bit less depressing

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