Killer cops, that kind of thing 

There was a case where a Black or maybe Latine man waited to pull over until he could get to a well lit area before a violent interaction with the cops was visited on him, & when it went to court his lawyer said him pulling off into a more public area was for the good of the *cops.*

And that pisses me off. Why shouldn't it be argued in court that people are afraid of the cops and for good reason? Any rational person (legal wording, not mine) would be

Killer cops, that kind of thing 

We are far beyond the point where you ought to be able to argue that anyone shouldn't be deathly afraid of the police.

Like you can't fail to punish them for their murders and mayhem and then ALSO expect people not to treat them like they're a potential threat to life and limb. They are.

That's the thing that pisses me off. Not just that they murder, but they expect you to still like and trust them. Fuck off


Killer cops, that kind of thing 

The case was from Virginia, btw. The driver, Caron Nazario, pulled over into a lit gas station because he was afraid of what the cops might do to him.

And he was absolutely right to. They were immediately hostile that he didn't stop right away, shouted conflicting orders at him and then tased him because he couldn't be dragged from the car (because he was still buckled in, because he was too afraid to drop his hands to unbuckle himself)

Killer cops, that kind of thing 

Nazario told the cops "I'm honestly afraid to get out."

One of the cops said "Yeah, you should be."

They deliberately threaten and intimidate, yet people are subjected to violence when they act in response to threats and intimidation.

Killer cops, that kind of thing 

This isn't an occupation in need of reform. This is a gang in need of being broken up.

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