I saw this Onion story and loved it, but I love it even more knowing that it hurt Elon musk's feelings

Also I enjoy that he doesn't bother claiming he didn't personally profit from colonial systems in Africa.

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@amaral I don't think he understands how that saying is typically used

@InternetEh I guess he does not understand shame, actually.

@InternetEh speaking truth to power in a comical manner is why people are switching to read some shit ass inferior right wing christian rag that doesn't understand how to write a joke

@radicalrobit it's humor that works if your brain is in backwards and you only understand the world via grievance politics

@InternetEh @radicalrobit "switching to the babylon bee" is the new sinner's prayer

@witchfynder_finder money can't buy confidence when you know someone is right

@witchfynder_finder he's just doing what he always does: try to use his online clout to direct people to a project he likes

@InternetEh Soon word comes down that he, somehow, has money tied up in Babylon Bee

@datatitian I mean apparently snopes is just DNC talking points now, so who knows. If I didn't see Joe Biden fall, maybe Musk came by it honestly

@InternetEh snopes ruling: mixed. While it's true the Musks profited from forced labor in emerland mines during apartheid, there's no direct evidence the profits were caused by apartheid directly

@datatitian we have no proof those people didn't simply believe strongly in Musk's family and wanted their wealth to be taken by him

@datatitian @InternetEh So, at worst a stretched truth for the sake of a gag.

Honestly, I expected more from The Onion...

@datatitian @InternetEh hoping for a lengthy well-cited answer that gets screenshotted everywhere

@InternetEh i feel like i could probably trick elon musk into locking himself inside a janitors closet over a long weekend with relative ease

@InternetEh my “i did not benefit from apartheid emerald mines” tee shirt, etc etc

@InternetEh For the record, #ElonMusk made 99.9% of his money from crazy stock prices ("Tesla PE ratio as of March 19, 2021 is 1046.12"), not from his parents.

Could he have had the career he's had in the absence of family monetary support? Maybe. Obviously there's been a lot of luck involved.

@mpjgregoire what's zero times a billion? No systemic exploitation of Africans, no Musks.

@InternetEh The joke from The Onion is about where his money came from, not his existence. But I concede that if he hadn't existed, he wouldn't have become quite so rich. ;)

@InternetEh trying to figure out why Musk would prefer the Babylon Bee, and I just can't quite put my finger on it

@InternetEh i made the mistake of searching "elon musk onion" to see if it was true and it's just article after article of how clever his tweet was, ugh

@sammy his tweet saying people need to read the babylon bee?

@sammy that's just reheated trump shit. "Many people love the babylon bee. The onion no longer hot! Bye byeeee!"

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