I was about to get all red, nude and mad online about Meghan McCain scolding someone about their "qualifications" when instead I just dissociated a bit and thought wow it really sucks to have a whole segment of media marketing dedicated to making people angry on purpose

like if we didn't have that industry, Meghan McCain's ass would be worthless to everyone. But we have the hate-click industry, which is where she is a goddamn viking at the top of her game

Nobody does it better than the do-nothing, charisma-free, without skill daughter of a dead senator nobody truly liked


you ever think about the cumulative mental toll that marketing and advertising have on us? In ways we don't even understand, never mind quantify. We're under constant psychological warfare, and we pay for it! Like with our actual money

I don't think we will ever truly know what marketing and ads have done to us until we kill them all off. Then all of a sudden we'll feel less shitty and be like "huh that's weird."

advertising is like someone throwing rocks at you all day long and you pay him for it

It's hard to even understand. It's easier to look at specific examples.

Like what sense did it make to have public officials trying to get the facts out about how we were gonna beat Covid, and then have restaurants and Carnival Cruise with their ads like "wow Covid was wild huh? Glad that's over. Anyway c'mon out!"

We allowed them to completely undercut what we all knew we had to do because money.

I guess this is another way we are bad at thinking systemically. We can hold onto an idea like "pop up ads are annoying" or like maybe Big Pharma shouldn't market directly to customers. But what about the entire phony baloney industry? Do we need it?

and our system is completely ill-suited to solving this problem. Can you imagine what it would look like if there was an omnibus bill to curtail the worst excesses of advertising? Lol. The all-points-bulletin, full court press that these PR agencies and think tanks and sock puppets of various brands would pull? We'd be absolutely inundated. That's the power they have.

@InternetEh Beside what all that, the private data that they collect from us to target ads is just horrible. I used to work in a company active in that industry and maaaan it's terrifying to see what they already know about us. World is a better place without all the online advertisement BS

@lxsameer what we talk less about is the powerful financial incentives at work that make data-mining an important part of the industry.

Most of the time, this is just used to package a marketing product so they can say they're reaching the audience you want to reach more efficiently.

@InternetEh True, but unfortunately, based on my experience, in many cases financial incentives dominate the morality side of things, for example I used to work in a company which in order to make more money they've decided to do more and more cookie sync and collect more personal data with out user consent just earn more money and regardless of safety of their users

@lxsameer @InternetEh there was a blog post I read about the death of Free Software and the line “corporations treat ethics as damage and route around it” is still stuck in my head.

@InternetEh it’s worse than that. I found out the other day that the foundation of the whole field of advertising is propaganda techniques developed at war time to use on the enemy by a guy called Edward Bernays. peacetime came and, well, he still had to make a living so he used wartime techniques against us, to sell diamends and orange juice.

@InternetEh it would be one thing if advertising was just about letting you know a product exists. but it’s weapons grade paychological manipulation

and just in case anyone thinks i am exaggerating to call advertising a *war crime*, his work has resulted in *actual deaths*

@zens I think I called it psychological warfare in the thread. But that is interesting

@InternetEh ah, found it. I thought i had read the whole thread but, nope, confusing UI had hidden chunks of it from me.


I first noticed how insidious advertising was when I was a kid and I had a song stuck in my head. I had a moment of self-awareness when I realized it was a jingle from a coffee ad. And I thought, "Why is a coffee ad stuck in my head? I don't drink coffee!" and I realized it was like the coffee company had put a billboard on the inside of my skull for free!

Since then, whenever I watch TV I mute ads. All of them.

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