It would be cool to have a pet with a longer lifespan than you. It'd be like caring for a vampire

@InternetEh this is my great-grandparent's dog. he has a collection of porcelain dolls, for reasons that escape us

@InternetEh some parrots live like 80 years. They have to go in your will because there's a good chance they'll outlive you when you get them.

Or giant tortoises that live 150 years

@Tel @InternetEh I was thinking parrots too. By the time you're old enough to take care of one (and they're quite clever so you need to be able to outsmart them unless you don't mind them destroying your home), unless you get a fairly old parrot, they will outlive you.

@InternetEh mom has a turtle that will likely outlive her, she's made provisions in her will for her

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