people will hate trans people, but invent new genders like the "sigma male" because they find existing gender roles too stifling, and see nothing weird about this.


anyway masculinity is a fucking cage. Break the cage. Make new shit nobody's ever seen before out of the scrap.

"you know what's manly? Following all of our rules about manliness and being deathly afraid of wavering from them." FOH out of here

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I guess this is basically the same attitude terves have. "tear down gender roles! No, not like that."

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He escaped his cage
The masculinity is out

@InternetEh honoring the fine line between constructed genders and natural genders

@InternetEh “hi I’m calling about a replacement masculinity? This one is very fragile”

@InternetEh i guess if the values are good and useful its not a bad thing. also what is a sigma male
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