every greek philosopher is just some guy

If you think of the South as states that are red because the people there are too dumb or backwards or hateful to believe what you, in your righteousness, know is good for them, you're a class traitor

'Upon being granted statehood in 1859, Oregon was the only state in the union to prohibit Blacks from living on or owning property within its borders—and this ban was not officially revoked until 1926. The Ku Klux Klan was prominent in the state in the 1920s, holding considerable sway over Oregon police and political leaders. The 15th Amendment—giving African Americans the right to vote—did not become state law until 1959, nearly 90 years after being ratified by the US Congress.'

from another article, https://www.portlandmercury.com/feature/2017/06/21/19105241/burn-the-town-down

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it's really funny that all the rhetoric around job creators vanished once unemployment hit record highs

imo ideas like "I hate the minimalist logo trend" or "I hate flat corporate illustrations" happen because people are rightfully frustrated by the homogeneity that capitalism imposes on art, but understandably lack the vocabulary to really articulate that idea

Yes I have been in a protest with a giant George W Bush puppet with cruise missiles for arms

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Imagine being the fed who had to investigate Crimethinc in 2006. Which was, incidentally, the last time I read anything of theirs. "Well I found 26 pages on how to build a giant George W Bush puppet with missiles for arms out of wheat paste and papier mache"

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Someone did a FOIA request for the FBI's investigation of Crimethinc and the agents sent them, among other things, a "scanned" CD. Like they put a CD in a copy machine and hit copy in lieu of sending the files. What's the over under on whether this was a dodge or they're just not that bright at the FBI

@InternetEh look, i can deliver other people's food wearing a mask the whole time, but cops can't eat they're donuts with masks, so how're they gonna get the job done without a vaccine??

"how dare people be born in a place and have family and community there and/or lack the resources to move. they should simply learn to code and meet new friends at burning man" - you, a clown

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I'm pissed about vaccine prioritization because my county said essential workers would be in the same tier as cops and then said nope, cops first. That was two months ago and essential workers still don't qualify

भारत के सभी कम्युनिस्टों को नमस्कार
ভারতবর্ষের সকল কমিউনিস্টকে হ্যালো
سلام آهي هندستان ۾ سڀني ڪميونسٽن کي
இந்தியாவில் உள்ள அனைத்து கம்யூனிஸ்டுகளுக்கும் வணக்கம்
ہندوستان میں تمام کمیونسٹوں کو سلام

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Shout out to communists and socialists from India ❤️

Politics regions 

The real winners of the insult and hate between states are the powerful. Fuck them and their attempts to divide the people by some foolish shit like coastal elites or heartland or other shit. Plenty of people from Texas helped NYC a year ago and plenty of NYC people helped Texas a few weeks ago. Let's work on building greater links between people doing good works no matter where

my editor had only one tiny comment on my latest story. Said she really liked it. I'm calling that a win

don't make me tap the sign

the sign: "putting it under a CW does not make it okay to send sexual jokes to strangers"


Called his office but only left a voicemail saying he needs to resign and I vote (no lie, I have voted against him in every primary (didn't mention that part))

she just keeps saying holy shit I'm so thankful I'm not blind. I'm so glad I can see.

Or that it was her peripheral vision that was damaged and not her central vision. Imagine what that would be like? I can't. You can see everything but what you're looking at?

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I know socialists are always saying people don't get the value of what they create at work. If the lady who drew my wife's blood got even half of what they charge for that, her life would be absolutely different. $2400 for blood work, if we didn't have insurance. And you don't even know if you're healthy yet

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