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Drove past the Amish community and they're playing baseball. Men and women together, which I didn't expect

I drove thru a field of white clover that they were soaking some beehives in and I smacked a few of them before I knew what was happening. Geez, give me a "slow down for bees" sign

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my therapist: Phoebe Bridgers is not going to kill you

Phoebe Bridgers:
🎵 iii'm gooonna kill you 🎵

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joke theft isn't real. the cops can't touch you for this

Cleaned out my nightstand and found my wedding ring. I was a little worried I'd lost it. That happens every few years, but it always turns up

Songs I song my cat 

Bad luck wind /
Been blowin on my cat/
She was born to bring trouble/
Wherever she's at

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Die täglichen Eulenbilder. Sie sitzt etwa 4-5 Meter vom Fenster entfernt, und K1 kann sie vom Bett aus anschauen.

Your daily owl pictures. This is the view from my kid's window. The owl is 4-5 m away.

The Mazda Miata: for when you want people to think there's a parking space free, but really there isn't

Buck had a song called Made in Japan and it's an early example of the "my Asian wife" genre

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extremely queerphobic that I need to go shopping right now

My plan when I finally get someone to say what's bofa

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number of masks cdc has said to wear has gone from 0 to 1 to 2 back to 0 in less than a year

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You ever see a cat and ur like “this cat looks like an old lady”

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Anyone want to blast eachother with particles? NOT SEXUAL

Read about how Buck Owens toured Japan in the 1960s when no country performers were doing that. I think that's my new time machine plan. Go to 1960s Japan to see Buck Owens and a Godzilla movie

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