Getting a tri-wing screwdriver to open up the kids' Switch controllers, which are so clogged with kid grime that the sticks pull off to the side. Wish they didn't find it necessary to use proprietary screws

(a call to prayer is heard)
Servo: it's the call to script re-writes

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Watching Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, origin of the cinematic law: never remind people of a good movie in the middle of your crappy movie

Now it's gotta cure for about 12 hours before I can roll on another coat. But I'm not gonna be doing it at night so I think I'm just gonna wait for tomorrow

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In my extremely regional slang, if you want to say something is annoying, you say it has made your balls pack their bags and threaten to leave home.

Godzilla 1998 is a bad movie for many reasons, but it has an egg-laying Godzilla with he/him pronouns, so that is good

There is a real skill involved in being an effective crank. I couldn't do it. I could write good material, but that isn't enough to get a following. You have to be an engaging and forceful personality. A couple of these people are. Most aren't.

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One of the hosts ends up having a long conversation with one of these New Age/ Q influencers about lucid dreaming and controlling the nightmares he says his partner is having. He says "they were trying to help me in good faith and I felt horribly guilty and still do" lol

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Playing Minecraft and listening to Qanon Anonymous, who went undercover at a New Age/Q-pilled conference in Sedona, Arizona. Most of the speakers are absolute bores. The QAA boys being terrified about being found out is hilarious. It wouldn't have mattered! I think these people are just glad to have anyone who is curious about their bullshit

I had to grab her by the tail so she wouldn't run under the deck where we couldn't reach her. These cats don't know how to act out there.

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Kiddo came dashing into the bedroom this morning asking for help. Ume had knocked the screen out of his open window and escaped outside. We found her meowing loudly in the laurel and blackberry bushes out back, too scared to come to us. Eventually we coaxed her out and now they're just like "what are we doing today?" Bad cat for scaring your cat dad. (By which I mean kiddo)

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